Ds moldes Lda in the exercise of its activity, needs to collect and process personal data regarding workers, customers, suppliers, including name, email address, among others.

Ds moldes Lda is committed to protect the privacy of all its members, and in this sense, its privacy policy and treatment of Personal Data, is intended to inform you of the data that may be collected as part of the professional relationship and / or trade and how they are treated and protected.

Personal Data means any information of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). Any person who can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or to more specific elements of his / her physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity, shall be considered identifiable.

As an employer, the company will collect all personal data, solely and exclusively necessary to fulfil the obligations inherent in the contractual relationship.

As a customer and / or supplier, the company will collect the data necessary to validate the activity’s compliance, in addition to contacts and other identification data, necessary for the commercial relationship between the parties.

These data are collected at the beginning of the contractual relationship, or at the time of spontaneous application for recruitment, with the assurance that they will only be used for the purposes described at the time of collection.

This data is processed manually or in accordance with applicable laws and conditions defined by the National Data Protection Commission (“CNPD”). Being that the responsibility for the processing of personal data is of Ds moldes Lda.

Personal data may be communicated to other companies with which Ds moldes relates.

The companies with which Ds moldes relates as a client / supplier, under the terms allowed by the law that regulates the processing of personal data, are obliged to maintain confidentiality and to guarantee security with respect to the data to which they have access, and shall not use such data for any other purposes, or for their own benefit, nor relate them to other data that they possess.

Personal data may also be transmitted to the courts and other competent authorities, in strict compliance with the provisions of the law, in particular when necessary for the resolution of disputes, investigation or detection of criminal offenses.

Personal data is kept for the period necessary for the contractual relationship between the parties and compliance with legal obligations. Being conserved until 10 years after the relationship ends.

The data subject has the right to request the consultation, portability, oblivion, rectification or anonymisation of his data, and for this purpose he must contact the administrative department of the company.

The data subject may also at any time oppose the processing of the data, except for those strictly necessary for the relationship between the parties and within the limits of the current legislation, and for this purpose must contact the company in writing.

Ds moldes has a plan of action, defining new physical and computer processes that prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss and / or destruction of personal data, in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data it stores.

Ds moldes undertakes to respect the legislation regarding the protection of the privacy of the personal data it holds and to treat such data only for the purposes for which it was collected and to ensure that this data is treated with adequate levels of security and confidentiality, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the conditions established by the CNPD.

Generally, this policy of privacy and treatment of personal data applies to all services provided by Ds moldes, without prejudice to other policies, agreements and legislation applicable in more specific contexts of collection and processing of personal data.

Ds moldes may change its privacy policy and processing of personal data whenever warrantable. To ensure conformity with the law and providing the best service possible.